With Libertypool all you have to do is invest your coins, sit back and relax. 

Let’s have a step by step walkthrough.

Step 1

Fund your portfolio by adding Bitcoins. We have chosen bitcoins so that it serves the customers from all around the globe. You can invest directly through bitcoin and not dollars. The minimum amount you require to invest is $500. Now the amount is $500 because when you plan to invest in such a diverse amount you require a much greater investment. By making it $500 we are making your portfolio just feasible.

Step 2

Wait for Libertypool to do all the calculations and rebalance your portfolio. If you like it press one button and all your assets are distributed among a diverse set of cryptocurrencies. 


Libertypool provides maximum benefit in your investment with the lowest fee involved.

Libertypool does not charge any deposit or trading fees other than spreads. We only charge $14.9 as a monthly subscription fee which is deducted from the funds under management on the 1st day of every month against the services that Libertypool provides and a 0.002 BTC for withdrawals. 

From the calculations to find the best performing coins to distributing them accordingly Libertypool does it all. Distributing your assets to different platforms especially when your investment is not very huge can cost a lot.  Libertypool reduces the amount you would normally have to spend paying other fees.

How Libertypool Works

As a customer, you have to deposit your asset in the form of bitcoin.

Libertypool collects all the assets and run Libertypool Blockchain Index (LPX) on it.

The best distribution is there in front of you.

If you agree to rebalance your portfolio Libertypool distributes it among different exchanges to sort the best value out of it.

You can withdraw the amount whenever you want but we recommend you to wait few years till returns are good!

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